All-cotton bathrobe for both men and women in hotel beauty salons

Short Description:

Mainly use to dry the body, because the towel area is small and the length is limited, drying the body with a towel often feel very urgent and very cold, and behind the bad wipe, and with a bath towel can be wrapped on the body to absorb the water, the back is also easy to dry, and avoid catching cold.

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Product Description

Product parameters: 100% cotton (except decoration)
Color: Green (customizable)
Product technology: high density
Product grade: First class
Product weight: 1150g
Product advantage: comfortable and breathable, soft and skin-friendly, green and healthy, Dachang direct supply, quality after sale

Product size length The chest Sleeve length Recommended height Recommended weight
M 110 106 48 158-168cm Within 65kg
L 115 116 52 169-178cm Within 75kg
XL 120 126 57 179-188cm Within 90kg

Product introduction

1. Thick kimono collar simple fashion reveals grade
2. Soft and comfortable to the touch
3. Wide pocket, convenient and practical
4. Loose cuffs resist restraint
5. Pure cotton material feels soft and comfortable
6. Firm edge sealing is not easy to fall off
7. Girdle waist design waist to wear spirit, open to wear lazy casual

Bath towel fabric:
Xinjiang origin selected cotton, pure cotton material, skin-friendly without stimulation, rich and mellow each fiber is full of natural taste.
Class A standard infants can use. No carcinogenic aromatic substances, no formaldehyde, AGC detection certification, no harmful substances, sensitive muscle can be naked wear. Acid and alkali perspiration resistance, water resistance, friction color firm.

Product storage:
The bathrobe should be placed flat after use and washing to prevent wrinkles, and the storage area should be kept dry and clean to avoid bacterial growth, and hot ironing should also be avoided.

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