Baby bath towel wrapped all over soft and comfortable

Short Description:

1. can not afford the ball, do not drop hair, do not fade

2. soft, absorbent

3. no taste, no fluorescence

4. Meet the standards of Class A infants

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Product Description

Our company for the factory, more style contact us, support to sample customization oh!

Double-sided hair-pulling process, the soft velvet material woven is soft and fluffy, as if wrapped in clouds.

The whole bath towel is woven with the filament of nano-open fiber, so that the fiber structure is stable and not easy to be deformed. Stay away from hair loss worries.

Class A safety quality, away from fading, no fluorescence, more suitable for baby safety fabric.

7 times strong water absorption, can absorb 5 kg of water, water absorption is too heavy, not easy to wash by hand, machine washing is recommended.

Cute shape baby prefer (cartoon hat design close to baby's fairy tale world)

Product style suitable for season size suggested material weight fabric


Style applicable season

Size suggestion

The material weight

The fabric

Hooded towel

Regular hat style

(Hidden button with hat)


(0-8 years old) with hidden button


82% polyester fibre 

18% nylon 

Low class A security 

● Soft and skin-friendly 

● Warm wrap 

A second suction 


Don't rub off

Four seasons with a hat

(Hidden button with hat)


(0-8 years old) with hidden button


Thickened hat style

(Hidden button with hat)


(0-8 years old) with hidden button


Regular hat style


(0-11 years old) no hidden buckle


Four seasons with a hat

(Medium thickness suitable for four seasons)


(0-11 years old) No secret button


Lucky mouse

(Thickened autumn and winter hat style)


(0-11 years old) No secret button


Wash care instructions

Villi own strong water absorption, after washing to absorb water, villi lodging, belong to normal phenomenon

1. It is recommended that the washing mode should be gentle while the drying function should be used for tumble washing machine.

2. Shake 5-10 times before drying, can effectively avoid feather lodging.

3. As the nap is long, it is recommended to use it after drying, so as to restore the fluffy and fluffy state.

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