Bathrobe plush lapel absorbent for family hotels

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Very fine velvet is selected, which is soft to the skin. The lining fabric is light and soft, close to the skin and warm. Soft fiber short plush is preferred to give you comfort and warmth. The outer layer is very broad, with shape preservation and light resistance, and it is casual and comfortable to wear. Double layer design, water absorption and ventilation, universal in all seasons, fashionable and luxurious.

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Comfortable fabric, relaxed and unrestrained, and fully enjoy the relaxed and comfortable life at home. The waistband design can be adjusted freely according to the body shape, and the details show the quality. Pocket design, convenient and practical.

Product Details

● Neckline design, fashionable and elegant
Inspired by the retro style of the 1980s, it is broad, stylish and casual, with a simple sense of fashion, abandoning prosperity and sinking into classics.
Enjoy the gifts of life in art and beauty. It is beautiful, dignified and noble

● Class B safety standard, soft touch
No carcinogen, no formaldehyde, no environmental protection agent
Using safe and active printing and dyeing process, the color is bright and bright, which ensures softness and washing resistance at the same time

● Rapid water absorption
Dense short fluff, no need to wipe with bath towel, you can wear it out of the bath, absorb water quickly and restore dryness.

● Double layer fabric
AB version double-layer fabric, the outer fabric is crisp, light resistant, good heat resistance, fast drying and non ironing after washing
The inner fabric suede is warm, soft and comfortable, and feels close to the skin

● Bring you all-round comfort
Flat edging and three-dimensional cutting
Strict edge banding technology, uniform and smooth stitches at the inner and outer seams of clothes, exquisite edge banding and better quality
Adults and children can wear it. The size, style and fabric color can be customized. Please contact us for a clear color card.

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