Berber Fleece Coat

  • Lamb fleece fleece coat

    Lamb fleece fleece coat

    Icelandic fleece composite fleece coat! Super soft Icelandic fleece!! The inner layer is high-density shake grain, quite thick, but not bulky, light heat preservation wind resistance is not worse than a thick cotton-padded clothes, classic style, windproof thermal design, deodorant processing, veritable universal king!

  • Berber Fleece vest Windproof warm

    Berber Fleece vest Windproof warm

    Made of imitation cashmere, it is comfortable, light and warm. Loose cut and small Lapel are adopted to block the cold wind and keep warm. Two side pocket design, natural and unrestrained sleeve cutting, fashionable style. Comfortable to wear, easy to wear and take off, exquisite edge sealing, more smooth and firm.

    The sleeveless design highlights the exquisite interior, shows the sense of hierarchy, and the shape is fashionable and atmospheric. The loose shape is very inclusive to the body, and can be controlled by all kinds of body shapes. The fabric is dense and does not shed hair. It is warm, soft and close to the skin. The fur is integrated. The selected high-quality fabric is comfortable and breathable.

  • Cardigan long sleeve stand collar sportswear

    Cardigan long sleeve stand collar sportswear

    Sports clothing

    Fabric front: Imitation lamb fabric

    Talk about the opposite side: high-density shake grain velvet

    Can do parent-child style, lovers style, family style

    Support sample customization