Swim coat parka reflective warmth for water sports

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Swim parka waterproof changing robe is a fashionable bathrobe for men and women, which can keep you warm and dry regardless of the weather. They are brightly colored and are essential for cold nights, outdoor socializing, barbecue and outdoor sports, sports events, water sports and seawater swimming. In addition, when it is dark or dusk, reflective safety signs and stripes let you stand out in the dark, maintain high visibility in the dark and ensure your safety at night.

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When you are doing outdoor sports or water sports, you must know how important it is to have a dressing room nearby. Reflective dry robe can make you quickly get wet all over the body to dry and comfortable. 100% waterproof and windproof outer layer and wool lining keep you warm and dry in any climate! The large size is convenient for changing clothes in the robe. It is designed for outdoor changing clothes. It is also the best choice for water sports, camping, walking dogs and watching outdoor sports. Reflective fabric keeps you safe at night.

Applicable scenarios:
● Swimming, beach surfing and other water sports
● Camping, cycling, hiking and other outdoor sports
● Sports events

Swim coat parka reflective warmth for water sports (6)

Main Features

● Large size, suitable for changing clothes in robes

● Maintain high visibility at night and in bad weather to ensure your safety

● Lightweight, waterproof, weatherproof polyester coated housing provides wind protection while allowing moisture to escape

● With cashmere lining, the interior feels soft, providing more comprehensive comfort, warmth and protection

● Hood design for better protection around the neck and chin

● Cuffs with buckle, adjustable length

● There are two cashmere lined pockets on the outside to keep your hands warm in bad weather

● There is a waterproof safety bag inside, which can place digital products such as mobile phones and headphones to ensure the safety and dryness of valuables.

Product Descriptions

Outer waterproof fabric options
● 100% polyester
● 100% nylon

Inner material options:
● 100% Cashmere
● Plush lining 320gsm - 500gsm
● Standard velvet lining 220gsm - 500gsm
● Thinner velvet lining 160gsm - 180gsm
● 100% cotton fabric

Adults and children can wear it. Size, External fabric color, cashmere lining color, zipper color, style and logo can be customized.  Please contact us to obtain a clear color card.

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