swim coat windproof and warm customized for outdoor sports

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Our swim coat is suitable for outdoor sports such as camping, mountaineering, fishing, cycling, winter running, etc. It is also suitable for use in water sports such as swimming, diving, surfing, etc. Ideal for outdoor dressing.

Material, style, color, size, etc. can be customized!

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100% waterproof and windproof fabric:Can be used as a poncho, don't worry even if it rains, less than bad weather
Cashmere Lining: Fleece lining to keep the body warm
Fleece-lined hood: Keeps your head warm while keeping your hair dry
Size:Custom sizes available on request, suitable for both adults and children
Color: a variety of colors for your choice

Using only high-quality raw materials, focusing on quality, health, windproof, waterproof and breathable, allowing you to enjoy life comfortably

swimming parka

Product Descriptions

Outer waterproof fabric options
● 100% polyester
● 100% nylon

Inner material options:
● 100% Cashmere
● Plush lining 320gsm - 500gsm
● Standard velvet lining 220gsm - 500gsm
● Thinner velvet lining 160gsm - 180gsm
● 100% cotton fabric

Adults and children can wear it. Size, External fabric color, cashmere lining color, zipper color, style and logo can be customized.  Please contact us to obtain a clear color card.

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