Swimming parka waterproof warm short sleeve for outdoor beach swimming

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Swim parka waterproof changing robe is a necessary companion for all open water activities. With a fitted Hoodie, waterproof shell, warm fleece fabric and convenient pockets, it can provide the warmth and weather protection you need in cold open waters whether you are swimming, rowing, surfing or gliding. This oversized design has longer length and larger size, providing more protection and additional dressing space.

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The waterproof and windproof outer shell prevents any wind or water from penetrating into the jacket. The inner cashmere material resists bad weather. Combined with the hood design, it provides comprehensive comfort and protection. Large inner bag and small zipper bag can safely store nutrients and electronic products.

If you like outdoor sports or water sports very much, you can understand how important it is to have a dressing room nearby when you finish your sports. Waterproof changing robe makes it easy for you to get wet all over your body to be dry and comfortable. They are ideal for those who go out for sports or entertainment in bad weather (e.g. surfing, cycling, swimming, football, etc.). There, finding a private and warm place to change clothes can be a difficult challenge. With waterproof dressing, the problems of warmth and privacy can be solved.

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Main Features

● The breathable, waterproof shell prevents water from entering, provides wind protection, and allows moisture to escape
● Triple-layer construction including our Heat-Tech Polar Fleece lining to absorb water and improve warmth
● Wind guard protection panel around the neck and chin
● A fitted Hoodie and front zipper keep you warm
● 3 / 4 sleeve type, wide size, easy to change clothes in the robe
● Two flannel lined pockets on the outside keep your hands warm at all times
● waterproof zipper safety bag inside to ensure the safety and dryness of valuables

Product Descriptions

Outer waterproof fabric options
● 100% polyester

● 100% nylon

Inner material options:
● 100% Cashmere

● Plush lining 320gsm - 500gsm

● Standard velvet lining 220gsm - 500gsm

● Thinner velvet lining 160gsm - 180gsm

● 100% cotton fabric

Adults and children can wear it. Size, External fabric color, cashmere lining color, zipper color, style and logo can be customized.  Please contact us to obtain a clear color card.

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