Wash face towel absorbent customized for family hotel Spa

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It is made of high-density knitting machine and has certain elasticity and ductility. It has fine texture, soft feel, not easy to shed hair, not pilling and not fading. No irritation to the skin. The fabric is soft, comfortable and close to the skin, and absorbs water faster. Environmental friendly materials are selected, which are healthy and non irritating. Coral velvet structure, far away from the trouble of hook wire and hair loss, feel comfortable and create a soft towel.

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Xinjiang long staple cotton is selected to absorb sufficient sunshine. The cotton is full and full, and the fiber is flexible and slender. It is both soft and absorbent. Pure cotton is soft and durable, close to the skin and not easy to shed wool. Bid farewell to the trouble of cotton wadding

● The feeling of touch is tenderness
Feel soft like clouds
The skin is delicate as fat and soft as cloud

● Frosted suede absorbs water quickly
Combed Plush fiber does not lose hair, remains hard and easy to wash and dry
Soft wipe, instant water absorption, dry and pleasant
Gently wipe away excess water, close the terry tissue, and have strong water absorption

● Active printing and dyeing is full and does not fade
The process of dyeing before weaving is selected to shorten the dyeing time
Healthy and non irritating
No fluorescent agent / formaldehyde / carcinogenic aromatic amine

● Exquisite workmanship
Hotel standard sewing
Edge wrapping process and strong structure
The Terry is neat, fine and uniform
Exquisite cutting, firm and neat, no stitching
Fine stitching angle

● Moderate size
Meet multiple needs
Wash your face, wipe your hands, dry your hair and shower
Adults and children can wear it. The size, style and fabric color can be customized. Please contact us for a clear color card.
Professional sales and service team
Meet customer customization needs
Customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit

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